The Bio-Reveal system is ideal at detecting total viable mold and bacteria counts but it can also be used as a sanitation of hygiene check including the verification of somatic cell presence on a surface.  Detecting organic residues containing ATP allows for a wide variety of uses.  The Bio-Reveal system can detect blood and other body fluids as well as food residues [not just the microorganisms detected by traditional microbiology tests].  This total biological test is a much more effective measure of whether a surface has been effectively cleaned and sanitized.
The Bio-Reveal system uses bioluminescence to detect the presence of the ATP molecule.  The ATP molecule is the chemical compound in which energy is stored in all living cells.  In the ATP-luminometric test, the firefly enzyme [luciferase] in the presence of its sampled substrate, luciferin, oxygen and magnesium ions catalyzes the conversion of ATP into light through an oxidation-reduction reaction. The light generated in this biochemical reaction is directly proportional the amount of ATP (bio-contamination) present, thus, the light units can be used to generate a relatively accurate estimate of the total biomass of cells in a sample.

The biochemical reaction is specific for ATP and very efficient, with almost every molecule of ATP causing the emission of one photon of green light.   As all organisms rely on the ATP molecule as the main carrier of metabolic energy, it is a very useful indicator of the presence of living organic cells.

Quantification of intercellular microbial ATP can be conveniently accomplished using the Bio-Reveal system.  The rapid and simplified extraction and assay procedures allow the user to simply swab the desired surface [or collect a liquid or water sample by dipping the swab tip for 3 seconds or, for more accurate measurements, using the AquaSnap collection device], reassemble the swab tube device and break the Snap valve, which releases the reagent that reacts with the ATP (bio-contamination) in the sample.  The swab is placed into the Systemsure luminometer instrument and the readout is reported numerical value measured in relative light units [RLUs].  By approximating the number of microorganisms responsible for generating known RLUs, one can estimate the number of microorganisms in the sample.

system and can indicate the presence of not only dangerous mold and bacterial organisms but somatic materials and bio-films as well, which are also problematic and are not addressed or detected through traditional environmental testing methods, such as using culturing or air sampling techniques.

The accuracy and sensitivity of the Bio-Reveal system make it an ideal tool for mold and bacteria testing, healthcare infection control and environmental services monitoring as well as providing the needed bio-contamination data for ensuring quality assurance, Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and risk management for the food service and food manufacturing industries.

Bio-Reveal is the needed tool for any environmental investigator or contractor interested in providing their customers with immediate feedback and decision making capability on how to deal with a contamination or remediation issue.  The Bio-Reveal system will improve the sales lead generation and sales closing process for projects, improve overall project turnaround time and reduce costs significantly.  The ability to obtain instant results and perform testing for less than 10% of traditional methods is the competitive advantage the bio-reveal system offers its users.

The Bio-Reveal luminometer is a handheld device weighing approximately 8-oz. The Bio-Reveal self-contained collection swabs are approximately 6.75 inches in length and are extremely robust, temperature tolerant, aseptic and produced in an FDA certified facility.

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Bio-Reveal: The ideal rapid Bio-detection tool

Bio-Reveal is a state of the art, real-time, biological detection system designed to provide instant results for bio-contamination testing on surfaces or in liquids. Bio-Reveal applications are diverse and range from providing users with the instant capability of testing for mold and bacteria on surfaces as part of water damage loss evaluations (IICRC S500 and S520), IAQ and industrial hygiene evaluations, bacteria outbreak investigations as well as being an ideal tool for performing Post Remediation Verification (PRV) testing for mold and bacteria remediation projects.  Bio-Reveal is an extremely sensitive ditection