The Bio-Reveal system is the perfect tool for measuring the cleaning and sanitizing effectiveness of the water loss restoration and remediation work performed.  The ability to obtain results in seconds versus days provides excellent project quality assurance for the restoration or remediation contractor or indoor environmental professional (IEP).  The Bio-Reveal system can provide the restoration or remediation contractor as well as the IEP investigator the ability to determine the contamination hygiene level of surfaces or building materials for viable (living) biological matter (bacteria and mold), biofilms and related organic materials.  This ability allows the user to quickly, accurately and cost effectively measure the cleaning and sanitizing process to ensure the water damage restoration or remediation is being performed with a high level of quality to reduce or eliminate potential pathogens from the indoor environment.

The purpose of the sampling is to determine the level of biological surface contamination of building materials, equipment, devices, and general surfaces within an indoor environment.  The Bio-Reveal bio-contamination detection system is designed to evaluate the level of biological surface cleanliness and sanitized hygiene in the indoor environment.  This Bio-Reveal system will detect and document the surface conditions where pathogenic organisms may be detected or harbored as a result of dirty or unhygienic situations.
The Bio-Reveal real-time bio-contamination detection system is the solution for testing and determining the level of contamination present in IICRC S500 defined Category 1, Category 2 or Category 3 water loss situations in seconds.  The Bio-Reveal system is an ideal tool for assessing the level of bacteria contamination in water as well as determining the amount of contamination on the building materials affected by water loss.   The Bio-Reveal system allows the user to measure and document the level of biological contamination of the water directly with the use of the Bio-Reveal AquaSnap ATP devices or of the water damaged building material using the Bio-reveal UltraSnap ATP swabs.  The Bio-Reveal system is also useful in measuring the effectiveness of biological decontamination of remediation equipment used to correct water loss events to prevent cross-contamination from project to project.

Water damage Detection: Water loss categories 1, 2, & 3

Water damage and related water losses are a fact of life.  It’s not if these problems will occur…it’s when.  When water losses do occur, understanding the microbial contamination of the water that affects building materials is critical in developing a restoration or remediation action plan or scope of work.   When the water that affects a building is contaminated with sewage sources, flooding from ground surface water, sea-water or from river flooding, there is a serious potential threat to human health and the indoor environmental quality.

Water saturated porous building materials are an ideal source for the growth of microorganisms, such as bacteria and fungi.  The growth of these types of organisms can produce toxic substances that can be exposed to humans within indoor environments.  The growth of bacteria and mold can occur from all types of water losses as defined by the IICRC S500 standard, whether the water is from clean water sources (Category 1), contaminated or gray water sources (Category 2) and pathogenic or black water sources (Category 3).  The risk of microbial contamination of building materials and exposure to pathogenic bacterial, viral or fungal related organisms increases as the classification of water increases from Category 1 to Category 3.