Our mission at Bio-Reveal is to bring to our customers the "best-in-class" products and services for building environmental management.  In fact,  Bio-Reveal has been featured on the TV show the Doctors.

Our flagship product is the Bio-Reveal ATP detection system is the simplest, most reliable and most cost-effective rapid testing tool available for measuring mold, bacteria and bio-films.  To learn about all of our products and how they can help you with your bio-contamination investigation, testing and prevention, simply click here.


The Sandy Solution - Bio-Reveal ATP Tester:  From Restoration and Remediation E-Newsletter

Bio-reveal Atp Detection System

the highlights

Bio-Reveal is the needed tool for any environmental investigator or contractor interested in providing their customers with immediate feedback and decision making capability on how to deal with a contamination or remediation issue.  
The Bio-Reveal system will:
  • Improve the sales lead generation and sales closing process for projects
  • Improve overall project turnaround time
  • Reduce costs significantly
The ability to obtain instant results and perform testing for less than 10% of traditional methods is the competitive advantage the Bio-reveal system offers its users.

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Bio-Reveal atp detection system,

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