IHC, Corp., has established protocols and thresholds for the successful use of the Bio-Reveal system in determining the existence and extent of mold, bacteria and other bio-contamination on materials exposed to water.
Effective compliance with IICRC standards have been accomplished by utilizing IHC’s protocols found below in PDF format.

mold detection and remediation - iicrc s520

Water damage and mold growth in your building or home is a serious health risk. Contaminated and water damaged building materials and surfaces within buildings can create indoor air quality (IAQ) problems that can be very difficult to identify and treat. Often times the costs associated with proper investigation, mold sampling and mold remediation can extend well into the tens, and even hundreds, of thousands of dollars.

The Bio-Reveal system allows water restoration professionals, IAQ consultants, industrial hygienists, mold remediation contractors, insurance companies, etc, the ability to quickly, accurately and cost effectively test for mold and bacteria contamination of water damaged materials. The biofilm associated with mold and bacterial growth on water damaged building materials can be easily be detected using the Bio-Reveal system.