The Bio-Reveal system has many advantages over traditional culture testing.

USES:  The Bio-Reveal system can be used to measure and monitor the level of cleanliness in patient rooms, procedure rooms, OR suites, medical equipment, hand hygiene and cleaning effectiveness during construction projects in hospitals, etc.

FAST: The Bio-Reveal system provides results in 15 seconds, which allows for immediate correction or recleaning and sanitizing of surfaces to prevent MRSA.

ACCURATE:  The Bio-Reveal system uses state of the art technology to provide consistent biochemical reactions every time.  The level of biological detection for the conditions that lead to MRSA is far superior to culture specific sampling because it measures unhygienic surfaces as well as pathogens.

INEXPENSIVE:  The Bio-Reveal system costs less than $3 per test, while traditional environmental surface sampling costs up to $20 each for cultures.

EASY TO USE:  The Bio-Reveal system is easy and intuitive to use.  The functions are basic and collecting a sample is as easy as swab, snap and squeeze.

infection control - mrsa

Nosocomial infections are deadly, prevalent, and the organisms that cause it are found virtually everywhere. Approximately 5.7 percent (2,000,000) of all patients admitted to U.S. hospitals acquire nosocomial infections, such as methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), of which 3.8 percent prove fatal.  That calculates to 70,000 people dying every year from such infections.

Infectious diseases in a hospital or clinic environment can be attributed to many factors.  A significant source for biological pathogens, such as MRSA in a healthcare setting is the result of dirty or unhygienic surfaces.  These surfaces become reservoirs for somatic cells, bioburden and biofilms that harbor the ideal environment for serious infections from MRSA and vancomycin resistant enterococcus (VRE).  Eliminating or reducing the conditions that promote infectious agents in a healthcare setting is a high priority for facility Infection Control and Environmental Services personnel.

The Bio-Reveal real-time biocontamination detection system is the solution for testing and monitoring surface hygiene in healthcare and patient care settings.  The Bio-Reveal system is used to determine the level of surface contamination for viable biological matter, somatic cells, biofilms and microbial organisms, such as MRSA.  The Bio-Reveal system allows the user to measure and document the level of biological surface contamination or the effectiveness of biological decontamination of equipment, medical devices, general surfaces within a patient room, procedure room, operating suite, or other areas of potentially high infection risk within the healthcare facility to prevent MRSA and related biologicals.  The Bio-Reveal system is ideal for measuring the effectiveness of the healthcare facility cleaning regime, training of cleaning staff as well as evaluating the hand hygiene of staff.

The Bio-Reveal UltraSnap ATP swabs and the Bio-Reveal SystemSURE Plus luminometer will be used to determine the level of surface contamination for viable biological matter, somatic cells, biofilms and microbial organisms. The purpose of the sampling is to determine the level of biological surface contamination of equipment, devices, and general surfaces within a methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) and vancomycin resistant enterococcus (VRE) patient room, procedure room, or high infection potential risk area within the facility.

The Bio-Reveal bio-contamination detection system is designed to evaluate the level of surface cleanliness and sanitized hygiene in the hospital and patient room environment.  This system will detect and document the surface conditions where MRSA organisms may be detected or harbored as a result of dirty or unhygienic situations.