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• Result in 7 hours or less
• Low levels of detection
• Pass I Fail result at required detection levels are easy to understand
• Quantitative results (CFU counts)
• Qualitative results (presence/absence)
• Equivalent results to other culturing methods
• No specific sample preparation required
• Independently validated
The MicroSnap™ Coliform sampling device is designed to collect and detect the presence of Coliform bacteria contamination on surfaces. The MicroSnap™ Coliform test yields results in 4-8 hours, capable of single cell detection sensitivity at a low cost. The MicroSnap™ Coliform test can be used to verify the presence of fecal contamination or IICRC category 3 water loss or to provide post restoration verification for cleanup. The MicroSnap™ Coliform device is used with the SystemSURE Plus™ & Ensure™ luminometers.
MicroSnap™ Coliform Testing Device
MicroSnap™ Coliform swabs can be used in restoration, remediation and food processing testing.

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