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• Quantitative results (CFU counts) in 7 hour or less
• Broad CFU detection range (100-10,000 CFU)
• Detects Gram positive and Gram negative aerobic and facultative anaerobic bacteria
• Suitable for product or environmental samples
• Pass/Fail result at required detection levels are easy to understand
• Uses common microbiology sample preparation for product samples
• In-house testing reduces costs from outside lab fees
• AOAC-RI PTM validated (#031501)
• 12 month shelf life at refrigerated temperatures (2 – 8 °C)

The MicroSnap™ Total sampling device is a rapid test for the detection and enumeration of total viable bacteria in 7 hours or less. The test uses a novel bioluminogenic test reaction that generates light when viable bacteria are present. MicroSnap™ Total’s same day results enable immediate corrective action to be taken if necessary. MicroSnap™ Total is AOAC-RI PTM Validated for a variety of food matrices. (Lic # 031501). The MicroSnap™ Total device is used with the SystemSURE Plus™ & Ensure™ luminometers.
MicroSnap™ Total Viable Count Testing Device
MicroSnap™ Total swabs can be used in food and beverage product andenvironmental testing.

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