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• All-in-one sampling device
• Easy to use
• Results in seconds
• Unique liquid-stable reagent provides unprecedented accuracy & reproducibility
• 12-month shelf life at refrigerated temperatures (2–8°c)
• 4 week shelf life at room temperatures (21°c)
• Tolerant to temperature abuse and sanitizers
• Costs up to 50% less than other ATP tests
The SuperSnap™ sampling device is the most sensitive ATP testing swab on the market.  Same great chemistry and results as the UltraSnap™ with 10x’s the sensitivity. Used for projects that require ultra low biological detection to an equivalent of 1ppm of allergen protein. The SuperSnap™ device is used with the SystemSURE Plus™ & Ensure™ luminometers.
SuperSnap™ swabs can be used in restoration, remediation and food processing surface testing.
SuperSnap™ ATP High Sensitivity Detection Device

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